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Small company. Big ideas. Seamless execution. That's Meissa.
Have an inspiring success story or a new concept you need to communicate? Or is it business and technology content expertise you require?
We promise a quick, efficient, and cost-effective process from start to finish and an uncompromising focus on quality at every step.

If you have a story, we have the means to get everyone to listen.

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Mohana Prabhakar is the founder of Meissa Creative Services. With over 17 years of experience in Oman in the field of media, publishing and events, Mohana has comprehensive and strategic skills in the areas of content creation, content delivery, marketing communications and brand building.
Meissa is Mohana’s first stint as an entrepreneur (she waited 27 years for reasons that are still unclear to her).  She believes it’s time to use her years of experience in India and Oman dealing with the subtle nuances of media and communication strategies across industries.
One of her core strengths lies in her ability to work within the established guidelines to help companies and individuals find the best creative solutions to their needs.
Over the years, Mohana’s passion for the written word evolved and grew, becoming more about communicating a message through a variety of platforms including corporate events, community-building activities, educational and digital initiatives.
However, she continues to be paranoid about missing commas and inappropriate prepositions while misused apostrophes drive her mad.
As an editor, columnist, interviewer, writer, media strategy advisor, moderator, events planner, Mohana is flexible in the hat she dons, but her goal remains the same: Differentiate, maintain quality and focus and always look for a fresh approach

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I have really appreciated my recent work with Mohana for the Oman French Water Utilities Conference in Oman.

 Mohana was extremely responsive and engaged; I was impressed by her capacity to step into a complex and multifaceted topic in a really short time. Really organised and dynamic, she has also facilitated our panel discussion in a really professional way. This conference was a success thanks to the service Mohana has provided to us.

Pauline Dumon,
Marketing and Communication Manager - Middle East,

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In publishing the book of my solo kayak journey around Oman, I found working with Mohana a smooth and completely seamless experience. The impressive quality of the end product was a direct result of her insistence on the highest of standards, and a thoroughly professional approach from the outset.

Mark Evens MBE, Executive Director, Outward Bound

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I have had the privilege of knowing Mohana for well over the past decade. During my tenure with BankMuscat, I saw her single-handedly raise the standards of business journalism in the Sultanate, and mentor some of the finest local talent in the mass-media domain. The Apex Press and Publishing suite of publications and business events were amongst the most sought after in the country, which never failed to attract an elite readership and strong representation from the highest levels of government and business, owing to the superior quality of their content and intellectual discourse. As Mohana steps into an entrepreneurial role, I am glad she has chosen not to leave Oman. I am sure she will continue to prove to be an extremely valuable friend and ambassador for the Sultanate in everything she does.

Sukanti Ghosh, Senior Director,
APCO Worldwide

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When Mohana first started in the media world in India 27 years ago, she was glad her parents had insisted on her getting an education despite her frequent, vehement objections that often boiled down to “I hate school!” She discovered that a background in Economics was remarkably useful while navigating the intricacies of business reporting, analysing annual reports and tracking the fickle stock market. Mohana joined Business India magazine in Mumbai with zero experience in journalism and was gradually whipped into shape by deputy editors, Radha and Nazneen.
After a brief foray into the tech world as a web reporter for an IT news start-up and then content creator for a California-based personalisation software set-up, a tiny, beautiful country from the Middle East beckoned.
In June 2001, Mohana joined Apex Press and Publishing in Muscat, as the editor for Business Today, the largest circulated monthly business magazine in the country. This was the beginning of a long association that saw Mohana as founder-editor of the hugely successful first free paper in Oman (The Week, 2003) and the group’s flagship English newspaper, Muscat Daily, in 2009.
In 2007, Mohana was appointed as the first CEO of Apex since its inception in 1980. Her involvement with organising events began with the Oman Restaurant Awards in 2002, which grew to be the biggest hospitality event within a couple of years of its launch and completed 14 editions over 14 years under her.
She started a young readers initiative, Cubscribe, in 2007, a contest aimed at harnessing children’s creative and language skills. At this time, TheWeek began to be used as a medium to teach English in Omani schools in Muscat, Samail, Nizwa and Ibri among others.
In 2010, Mohana started a Special Projects division that included contract book publishing and editing and commissioned the annual Apex Map of Oman and Muscat.
In 2011, she launched Muscat Daily Listen Up, a public speaking competition primarily for Omani schools, which had over 35 schools participate each year.
In 2015, she started the Oman’s Most Trusted Brand Awards, which grew from ten categories in the first edition to over 30 in 2018.
In 2018, Mohana introduced the first Oman Women Awards, celebrating women who had made a difference across a wide range of categories. From customer service to oil and gas and personal assistants to entrepreneurs, 21 women received their due recognition in a ballroom full of wellwishers. An extremely well-received event, it was commemorated by a special coffee table book showcasing the winners.
As Chargée de press for the Oman chapter of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international association of gastronomy, Mohana enjoys the opportunity to indulge both her passions of writing and gourmet food.

In her leisure time, she watches Friends on repeat, and has a fondness/weakness for romance movies; fantasy, crime and sci-fi books; foie gras and jhinge posto (a vegetable dish from her hometown of Calcutta), Phantom cigarettes (ridiculously sweet cigarette-shaped candy), Darjeeling tea, Net-a-porter and a Siberian husky named Echo.

Wife to Shanoo for a very, very long time (he still hasn’t run away), mother to Nishaan (also for a very long time), she says thank you daily (in her head and certainly not out loud) to them for putting up with her erratic work hours and mild meltdowns.   

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